Paraoakan pumped up

You are what you eat. Have anyone read this before? Every single food that a person have ingested even the tiniest of it will be a part of that person. Sooner or later it will dictate what ailment your body will manifest. If not today, it may be on later part of this individual’s life.... Continue Reading →


Prebiotics and Probiotics on Chicken

When chicken keepers get their birds, they often wonder what to feed chickens. It’s probably the first question most newcomers ask. They naturally concentrate on commercial feed rations, fresh water, and nutritious treats. But what about prebiotics and probiotics for chickens? This is a topic we’re all familiar with as humans since we see lots... Continue Reading →

Free Range Chicken Farming Seminar for April

April 7 Sorsogon City April 14 Mandaluyong City SEMINAR SEMINAR SEMINAR!!! ON FREE-RANGE CHICKEN FARMING USING SCIENTIFIC APPROACH FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRIBUSINESS FOR DETAILS (venue, fee, inclusions, reservation procedures, etc.) please contact: PM Messenger: Free-Range Poultry Central Text/Viber/iMsg: +639178983643 Email:

Benefits of Hydroponics Fodder

Hydroponic fodder production involves supplying cereal grain with necessary moisture and nutrients, to enable germination and plant growth in the absence of a solid growing medium. The resulting green shoots and root mat are harvested and fed to livestock. The grain responds to the supply of moisture and nutrients by germinating, sprouting and then producing... Continue Reading →

Hydroponics and your Livestocks

What is Hydroponics? Well, hydroponics is a scientific way of growing plants / crops in water without any soil in controlled environment. In Hydroponic technology, water is enriched with well balanced nutrients which are essential for plants growth and better yield. When it comes to green fodder production, hydroponics technology takes the pressure off the land... Continue Reading →

Bio-Organic Inputs from Plants, Fish & Animal Liquid Extracts

The insurmountable rising cost of inorganic fertilizers is inevitably uncontrollable in the coming production years. Looking into this perspective the farmers has to look for an alternative measures to sustain his farming business profitability. On December 27, 2005 Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo signed Executive Order 481 on the Promotion and Development of Organic... Continue Reading →

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